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The story began like any other, at least the fun: a challenge. The Lady Eleanor Macnair accepted the challenge of two of his friends, editors Gordon MacDonald and Clare Strand . Perhaps the night, everything becomes possible; perhaps the place, a pub, one of those chapels which accommodate both civil pagan miracle; maybe beer, whose light, as the song said, can guide us, led to the first pick the set that propusier0n their friends play famous photographs in Play-Doh , one of the brands of pasta shape oldest and most used by who are eager to play.Now, a year after the night began to roll the dice and hands to knead, Macnair has managed to complete more than one hundred reproductions of classic, famous, iconic, images ... The cult has been hanging in his microblog, Photographs rendered in Play-Doh , a kind of sensitivity preschool picture gallery. I scored as a compliment: nothing better homage to reverse seriousness in recess. Challengers of Macnair, whose publisher has one of the nicest in the industry slogans - "unbearable holding and supporting the insubstantial" - just released in book Photographs rendered in Play-Doh [144 pages and 19.99 pounds of PVP sterling], published in five versions, each bound with a color-matrix Play-Doh.The book collects the work of emulating some of the favorite photos Macnair and others that they proposed online The artist only put two conditions to accept. anything porn nor portraits of dead people. The popular success of the blog and the gentle charm of the game to reduce pictures to small wall putty made ​​some photographer fame was encouraged to participate: Martin Parr , who loved the idea, requested a playback of the images of his famous series on the English decadent resort center of Brighton.Despite the banal nature of the works in Play-Doh or perhaps for that very purpose, the collection is unconventional and outside the scruples of photographic art. The photographers, at least some, often suffer at times of bombast and pomposity. As engineers, architects, lawyers or journalists believe driving a Gnostic material and have the right to interpret it as philosophy. How many times have we read that photography is "a secret", the "essence of life", "memento mori," a "violation"? How many times have these semiotic justificiones used to disguise lack photos of life?rnrnWith such a small investment-the artist spent a budget of £ 20, about 26 euros, masilla- as huge is the love put into the project, rendered in Photographs Play-Doh unforgettable pictures there but this time stripped of his funeral load and kneaded as articles and game scenarios.With honesty amused and shy who has not rejected yet any vital movement has to be an approach to pleasure soul, Macnair said: "I feel a simple love and naive for the pictures and hope to reflect that feeling in the collection. It's my strange homage to photography. Ánxel Grove