Old English Pricks

Old English Pricks is a series of one-off publications by MacDonaldStrand. They represent both a reactive and considered response to the current state of political debate in the UK. The handmade publications use newsprint images cut from right-wing tabloid newspapers and overprinted in letterpress with the single word PRICK.
At its heart, Old English Pricks is angry name-calling, driven by outrage and disgust. These people are entitled, arrogant, superior pricks.
The word PRICK has multiple uses in the English language, and has been chosen to utilise these meanings to express the collective frustration and anger at the populist political players currently operating in British politics.

The series will eventually comprise of 10 books, each produced as a unique publications and illustrated by one Old English Prick. Books to date:

Book 1 - Boris Johnson
Book 2 - Theresa May
Book 3 - Nigel Farage

Some examples of the use and meaning of the word PRICK from various sources:

Punctum is an object or image that jumps out at the viewer within a photograph. 'That accident which pricks, bruises me.' Roland Barthes

Dictionary references (academic and urban):

A feeling of pain, caused by being touched by something sharp or pointed.

To make someone feel guilt, shame, regret.

To mark, distinguish or note by means of a small mark.

A slight, sharply localised, discomfort.

A spiteful or contemptible man, often having some authority.

Derogatory term used to sum up the existence of a worthless arsehole.

Somebody so stupid, it is painful to be around them.

A slang word for penis.

A prick is selfish person, who cares only about himself. He thinks it is ok to screw over friends, and will take advantage if given the chance.

Feel a sensation, as though a sharp point were sticking into one. 'Tears of disappointment were pricking her eyelids.'

Cause mental or emotional discomfort to. 'Her conscience pricked her as she told the lie.'

A sudden feeling of an unpleasant emotion. 'She felt a tiny prick of resentment.'